Teaching kids to cook.

Claire Gallant:
bringing kids into the kitchen

Alex, Claire, Ida (2 weeks), Cash (6) and Polly (4 1/2): A Bite-Sized Family!     Photo by    Fade to White Photography

Alex, Claire, Ida (2 weeks), Cash (6) and Polly (4 1/2): A Bite-Sized Family!
Photo by Fade to White Photography

Claire is so great with the kids and she really does have them doing everything. They get their hands into all of the ingredients, she encourages them to smell things, and they take so much ownership of the food they make. She’s also incredibly organized and comes fully prepared. I cannot recommend this program enough!!
— Jocelyn Covert, Community Librarian, Bedford Public Library

My mission is to bring children into the kitchen and help them learn all aspects of making food from scratch, using whole ingredients and hands-on methods.

Bite-Sized Kitchen is a company that is raising expectations about what kids can do in the kitchen. I blog about cooking with children using whole ingredients, hands-on methods, and beautiful presentation. I offer cooking lessons, birthday parties and community workshops that teach children how to make food from scratch. My kids and I regularly appear on CTV Morning Live Atlantic, sharing tips and giving demos about how to bring your kids into the kitchen.

When we begin to work with ingredients in their most raw and unprocessed form, we can become familiar with how each ingredient behaves, and thus learn to make the maximum number of dishes from it. Flour, eggs, olive oil, fresh produce - these are clean slates, from which we can create hundreds of homemade meals. Whole ingredients offer the most inexpensive product for the most nutritional value. If we learn to prepare simple, delicious meals, we will both save money and eat more healthily. 

Visual presentation is also a very important element of enjoyment of meals: how food is laid out on a plate or platter, table setting, atmosphere, lighting, what drinks are offered, and what materials are used, both for presentation and for preparation. I use real kitchen tools in my lessons, and teach children how to use them with care and safety. 

After a chef apprenticeship at a high-end vegan restaurant in San Francisco, I spent several years working as a cook in restaurant kitchens in both Toronto and here in Halifax, my hometown. I was the pastry and salad cook at fid resto on Dresden Row, and subsequently worked with chef Dennis Johnston at Dragon. From 2013-2017, I worked at Local Tasting Tours, leading food-themed walking tours around Halifax.

Our first child, Cash, was born in 2012, and our second, Polly, was born in 2014. Our third baby, Ida, was born on November 27, 2018. I knew as our kids grew that I would start a company built on changing ideas surrounding kids and food. I've always involved our children in cooking and sharing meals (see Baby-Led Weaning, and Family Dinner). They are the inspiration for Bite-Sized Kitchen.

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