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  Photo by Laura Kirkpatrick

Photo by Laura Kirkpatrick

Helping children understand important techniques in food will make the kitchen a friendlier place where they will want to spend more time. This greater enjoyment means that they will come to the table with more confidence - they won’t look at mealtimes as a chore but as a valuable opportunity to spend time with parents...
— Heston Blumenthal, Family Food

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my first-ever giveaway on Instagram at the end of June. It was the first of three waste-free lunch container giveaways I'll be doing this summer in collaboration with Nurtured. Stay tuned for July's giveaway!

My kids and I appeared on CTV Morning Live Atlantic on June 15. We had so much fun demonstrating how to make a Caprese Salad to accompany your Father's Day Barbecue. Head over to my Press page to have a look at the segment!

For more information on my cooking lessons for childrencommunity workshops, and special events, contact me! I'd be thrilled to set aside a wooden spoon and a big bowl for your young cook.

To follow along with my exploits as I cook with my own two kids (and to get tips and recipes!), have a look at my blog (also under The Latest, above).

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