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Helping children understand important techniques in food will make the kitchen a friendlier place where they will want to spend more time. This greater enjoyment means that they will come to the table with more confidence - they won’t look at mealtimes as a chore but as a valuable opportunity to spend time with parents...
— Heston Blumenthal, Family Food

Fall is fast approaching! I’m doing a couple of upcoming back-to-school events. I’ll be at the Halifax Shopping Centre on Saturday August 17 from 12-2, presenting interactive, hands-on lunchbox options in partnership with Think Kitchen. I’ll be leading a hands-on lunch-making workshop (for adults!) on Wednesday September 11 at 7:00 pm at Keshen Goodman Public Library. Register here!

For more information on my cooking lessons for childrencommunity workshops, birthday parties and special events, contact me! I'd be thrilled to set aside a wooden spoon and a big bowl for your young cook.

To follow along with my exploits as I cook with my own three kids (and to get tips and recipes!), have a look at my blog (also under The Latest, above).

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