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Helping children understand important techniques in food will make the kitchen a friendlier place where they will want to spend more time. This greater enjoyment means that they will come to the table with more confidence - they won’t look at mealtimes as a chore but as a valuable opportunity to spend time with parents...
— Heston Blumenthal, Family Food

Happy Fall! I'm one of the community partners at the event FRESHfest on Saturday October 12, at the Halifax Central Library. Stop by and make a snack with me! My 3 kids and I appeared on CTV Morning Live Atlantic this week, making mini squash pies for Canadian Thanksgiving. Check out our segment here!

For more information on my cooking lessons for childrencommunity workshops, birthday parties and special events, contact me! I'd be thrilled to set aside a wooden spoon and a big bowl for your young cook.

To follow along with my exploits as I cook with my own three kids (and to get tips and recipes!), have a look at my blog (also under The Latest, above).

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