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October Cooking Lesson (5)

Fall is fully underway! In each of our Fall lessons, we will prepare several dishes, and sample them all. Students will learn how to prepare all dishes from scratch, using whole ingredients and hands-on methods. Lessons have a maximum of 3 students.

Though the September and October lessons are labelled with numbers, there are no prerequisite lessons. Any child may sign up for any lesson, space permitting.

I encourage parents and caregivers to talk with their children about what interests them in the kitchen, and what ingredients they might like to explore. When registering for a lesson, parents and caregivers can pass on those details to me, and I'll respond with a menu plan, embracing the input of all families involved in the lesson. Since I have a maximum of 3 students per lesson, the mornings are very flexible. Today's menu could include one or more of the following dishes: Fresh Pasta, Simple Pasta Sauce, Omelette, Cheese Souffle, Vegetable Soup, Biscuits, Fresh Herb Tea, Honey Lemonade, Fall Salad, Simple Salad Dressing, Seasonal Smoothie.


Register now for a morning of cooking! We'll use whole ingredients and real kitchen tools, get our hands dirty and gain real skills to take home! 

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October Cooking Lesson (4)
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